Pow Wow Session (20 mins)

Every parent needs an opportunity to simply have a “pow wow” moment. A moment to vent and express frustrations, reflect on past actions, talk through some concerns, or simply have a tantrum! LOL. The purpose of the pow wow session is to do just that.

The pow wow session will be our initial call. During this call, the goal is to become more acquainted and to determine if Parent Pal coaching would be a beneficial service for you and your family.  I will ask questions that will allow me to get to know you, your child, and your goals as it relates to your child’s education. At the end of the call, I can recommend which level of coaching would be appropriate for you.



Strategy (You Got This) Session (30 mins)

Strategy sessions are an integral part of the coaching process. During this call, we will set goals according to what you will like to accomplish. We will then collaborate to create and implement steps that will lead to the overall goal. It is my duty to hold you accountable to these steps, and see you to the end. You’ve got this! Coaching packages include 7 strategy sessions.



Planning and Reset  

This time is allotted for reflection of the months progress, planning for the upcoming month, and resetting to overcome any setbacks. I encourage you to take this portion of the coaching process very seriously. Approaching challenges from a positive and healthy perspective will aid in accomplishing your goals effectively.

group sessions also available