How I’m Choosing To Celebrate The Month Of Love

Well, we’ve found ourselves here again in the month of love. All of the cute, fuzzy, stuffed animals, chocolates, and overpriced roses flood the aisles at every store. You may even catch a deal on the corner from the guy in the pickup truck loaded with red and white goodies.   In 2018, I want […]

Oh the irony…..

How is it that it is so easy to motivate others while self sabotaging simultaneously? How is it that God places people in your life that require you to minister and speak into their lives, all while you are left empty, scared, and still unsure? How is it that you can encourage others to feel […]

Reflect the feelings of your little one

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to REFLECT THE FEELINGS OF YOUR CHILD. Listen when they talk. Rejoice in their small victories. Hug often. Encourage always. Give praise and honor where/when it is due. And lastly, love unconditionally. Love conquers all. #theparentpal#iAdvocate #loveisthebestmedicine #actionsspeak    

Daily Affirmation

Davin’s daily affirmation. I created it to remind him that every day is a new day where he can plan to have a good day on purpose. I find that it’s fitting for adults as well. #theparentpal #positivepsychology #ADHDawareness #iAdvocate #affirmyouractions


Singing *Back to life. Back to reality* I’m back from seven amazing days on the water with family! We cruised to the Carribean and enjoyed every minute of Spring Break. In between stuffing my face and playing referee to sibling/cousin rivalries, I received a revelation. But first, let me tell the story. So I’m standing […]