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why the parent pal?

The Parent Pal methodology and foundation for which ensuring student academic success is comprised of three entities: the home, the school, and the community. We have curriculums and trainings available for each entity, offering solutions to increase engagement and advocacy.

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Has your son or daughter received a diagnosis and you are not sure of your next steps?

Does your child have an IEP with goals and objectives that don’t seem to be appropriate?

Is your child not progressing as s/he should in school?

Maybe you are simply emotionally drained?

I get it! As a parent of a child with a learning disability, I know all too well the “bad mommy” dialogue and psychological attachment to receiving a diagnosis for your perfect angel. Furthermore, I understand the implication involved when your child is not operating on a level playing field academically. The Parent Pal was created for parents, by parents, to eliminate having to navigate the educational system alone. Our staff are professional trained and uniquely experienced in obtaining and providing the necessary educational and emotional support you need to ensure you child’s academic progress.

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Is there low attendance at your PTA meetings?

Are you having trouble attracting parents to conferences, meetings, and events?

Is your staff becoming frustrated with the lack of parent and student engagement?

As you may already know, parent engagement has a direct impact on student achievement. The Parent Pal offers prescriptive guidance, perspective, and processes to increase parent/caregiver engagement and overall student performance. Our firm works to develop a customized plan that enhances your current systems and process to increase overall parent involvement. Our goal is to aid parents in becoming better advocates for their students, thus better partners with you in their child’s education.

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Community and Nonprofit Organizations

Is your staff in need of training for how to effectively advocate for their clients?

Are those you serve fully aware of what to ask for at school meetings and conferences?

Are your clients having trouble in school and you are not sure where to begin?

As it relates to advocacy, there seems to be a disconnect in partnership with community organizations: those that they serve, their staff, and schools, as it relates to advocating.

Advocacy involves having a seat at the table, using your voice, and using it effectively. Our firm offers solutions to make sure your staff and clientele is equipped to do just that. Through training and assessment, The Parent Pal offers informational talks that educate parents and guardians on navigating the educational system. We offer training on foundational principles such as: Communication, Collaboration, Commitment, and much more.

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