Singing *Back to life. Back to reality*

I’m back from seven amazing days on the water with family! We cruised to the Carribean and enjoyed every minute of Spring Break. In between stuffing my face and playing referee to sibling/cousin rivalries, I received a revelation.

But first, let me tell the story.

So I’m standing in line to get some food (go figure). There’s a young couple in front of me being all extra mushy and stuff. We’ll call them Matt and Rachel. They’re talking and she grabs his face in her hands. All of a sudden, he collapses. Mind you, I am front and center, a witness to the whole incident. Pay close attention to the next series of events.

Girlfriend screams, “Oh my God” and is calling boyfriend’s name. “Matt! Matt! Are you ok?” In a matter of I’ll say 20 seconds, Matt’s eyes are open and he is looking around confused.

*insert a gaggle of nosy people and one lady who seems to know what she’s doing* It’s my presumption that she’s a nurse.

Nosy person #1:”He’s having a seizure!”

Nosy person #2: Put your thumbs in his mouth! Hold down his tongue!

Nosy person #3 proceeds to try and pry open Matt’s mouth all while he is looking at her in shock and horror. A clear “WHAT THE H#@^?!” look on his face.

Meanwhile, I’m like……..

ice cube

Now, it shouldn’t matter that nosy #1, 2 and 3 are old women with visors and floral tank tops on, but somehow, I feel like this plays an important part in why they thought they knew what they were talking about.

Ok, back to Rachel,  who, by this time, is completely hysterical now. Crying, collapsing to the floor and answering questions about Matt’s epileptic history (of which he’s never had.) She’s no longer focused on Matt, but on those around her who have falsely diagnosed him.

So the fourth lady comes in (I’m guessing she’s a medical professional of some kind) and basically tells the old women to sit down and shut up. She confirms that he did not have a seizure but simply passed out. Matt is coherent and sitting up at this point. Rachel has redirected her focus back to Matt and sees that he is fine. I assure her that I saw the whole incident and at no point did he have a seizure. Her response to me was, “I figured he didn’t but I freaked out when someone said he was having a seizure.”

*dramatic pause and fade out*


Stay focused and don’t allow others to “falsely diagnose” your situation. Remember, they are on the outside looking in and don’t have your level of expertise as it relates to YOUR situation.

Parents, you are your child’s best advocate. No one knows them like you do!

OAN: Matt was dehydrated and had low blood sugar. He was fine after a couple of hours and enjoyed the rest of his cruise.