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Cherishing the Moments…….(kinda)

Nothing like a good ‘ol snow day to bond with two kids under the age of 12. Picture this, waking up to random yelling and inquiries at 5:30am, “Is it time to wake up yet?” “I’m not sleepy anymore!” Are we going to school?” “Are you going to work?” “Moooommmyy!!!I’m hungry!” “Can I get some […]

Continuing the Dream…..

My brother greeted me early this morning via telephone call and an invitation to a day of service. So my day went like this……. After enjoying a cup of coffee and a warm welcome, the keynote speaker took the stage of the USC Upstate Readiness Center. She was a 30 something, Caucasian woman with curly hair […]

Superheroes unite!

I am a SUPERHERO. Yes, the “S” on my chest shines brightly on most days. Each day before stepping foot into my office, I perform my methodic ritual of lacing my boots, straightening my mask, and double checking my cape. My office is my lair, my sanctuary, my refuge of sorts. It’s here that my […]