How I’m Choosing To Celebrate The Month Of Love

Well, we’ve found ourselves here again in the month of love. All of the cute, fuzzy, stuffed animals, chocolates, and overpriced roses flood the aisles at every store. You may even catch a deal on the corner from the guy in the pickup truck loaded with red and white goodies.


In 2018, I want to approach the love month a little differently. This year, I want to share with the world my undying love for my children! I want the world to know how awesomely, amazingly cute, smart, and witty they are. They are my little reflections, fingerprints of my moral character, hard work, and nevergiveup-ness.


The Parent Pal brand’s conception began unknowingly in 2010 when my son was diagnosed with ADHD. The realization that he was not the perfect and most studious kid I imagined him to be tore at my confidence in my parental ability. Nothing can explain how challenging the journey that I now know as “advocacy” would be. It is through this now eight-year adventure that I found my purpose. Or better yet, it was through this journey that I realized my why. It was there all along, with no need to search for it- my babies!   

My little minis are the absolute best things that could have ever happened to me and I pledge to show the world just that throughout the month of February.


Won’t you join me?


I am kicking off a campaign through the month of February to showcase your awesome, mini, carbon copies. Simply post a pic or a selfie of you and your tiny human with the hashtag #mywhy.

And if you need some quick and easy ideas for showing love, see below!