Every Child Deserves a Champion

I am a SUPERHERO. Yes, the “S” on my chest shines brightly on most days. With every visit to his school, I imagine the wind blowing gently as my hair flies ever so perfectly over my red cape with my slow motion stride. Once I reach my desired destination, I announce, “It is I, Michelle N. Smith here to save the day,” with my hands balled into small fists and placed confidently on my waist.

My pink and red stiletto boots click with each confident step in the hallway leading to the Principal’s office. During the meeting, my delivery is swift yet stern, never once letting my guard down. I am met with strained smiles and hesitant nods, but my ninja like focus is never broken. When the meeting is adjourned, I flip my hair and swing my cape as a silent gesture of victory as I exit with a stride worthy of attention.

Once out of the building, I exhale with a shaky breath and let go of the tears that had been threatening to surface even before my entrance some 90 minutes ago. As my heartbeat returns to its normal rhythm, I button up my cardigan, straighten my red framed glasses, and meet my biggest fan for lunch; my baby, my love, my courage, my SON.

It’s never easy to defend your child’s undesired behavior and impulsive decisions, but it is, however, necessary. I learned some time ago that YOU, the parent, are your child’s best advocate. Most times you will find that advocating is equivalent to fighting an uphill battle. But the reward of seeing your child succeed is one that can never be replaced. The late, great Dr. Rita Pierson said it best, “Every child needs a champion…”

Being the mother of an ADHD child, I’m finding that to be truer with each email reply, each phone call answered, and every meeting attended. But just like the superheroes that have gone before me, I return every time, only to fight again to uphold the greatest title their ever was, MOM.