Superheroes unite!

I am a SUPERHERO. Yes, the “S” on my chest shines brightly on most days. Each day before stepping foot into my office, I perform my methodic ritual of lacing my boots, straightening my mask, and double checking my cape. My office is my lair, my sanctuary, my refuge of sorts. It’s here that my plan of saving the world comes together. The plan of somehow fighting the common villains of education: poverty, homelessness, child abuse, and neglect just to name a few. The list never seems to end, nor does my dedication and drive. Fighting villains is my destiny, my fate, and I wear it like a badge of honor.

Yes, being a superhero has its many advantages. But my favorite one of all? Advocacy. Advocating for those who don’t use their voices and those that don’t know HOW to use their voices. Parents are often unaware of the hidden power they hold as it relates to their child’s educational future. I’ve made it my goal to aid in awakening their inner superhero and partnering with them to fight the good fight. It’s not easy, and I become overwhelmed at times. But just like the superheroes that have gone before me, I return every day, only to fight again to uphold the greatest title their ever was, EDUCATOR.