Cherishing the Moments…….(kinda)

Nothing like a good ‘ol snow day to bond with two kids under the age of 12. Picture this, waking up to random yelling and inquiries at 5:30am, “Is it time to wake up yet?” “I’m not sleepy anymore!” Are we going to school?” “Are you going to work?” “Moooommmyy!!!I’m hungry!” “Can I get some Cheez Its?”

Oh the joy of snow days! After finally dragging myself out of the shower at 6a, I sleepily walk into the kitchen only to find hubby wide awake and greeting me with a smile and “Good Morning Babe!”

*blank stare*

I guess I should mention I’m not exactly what you would call a “morning person.” My brain and body don’t work until I get my morning fix.


The warm sensation and tingly feeling I get when the caffine speaks to my brain can never be replaced. (I’m aware that I have a problem. No need to inform me.) Oh sweet, sweet coffee……please don’t ever depart from me.

Ok….back to reality. I am now able to function as “Mommy” and put on my familiar superhero wardrobe. Life returns to normal and the day is full of laughs, games, fun, and sibling rivalry. I LOVE BEING A SUPERHERO, aka Mom!